Message from President

Since its establishment as a manufacturer of products for business use, we at KENKO Mayonnaise Co., Ltd have been supplying high quality salad-products that satisfy professionals in the industry. Seen in our activities that have developed unique products such as the nation’s first long-life salad, burdock salad and pumpkin salad, etc., we always pursue new styles of salad.   

The business policy of our company group is to “become the best Salad Company”, and to achieve that, we work on to design a “Salad Cuisine” and develop “the world’s unique sauces”. We promote the activity of “the KENKO Salad World” by producing “the world’s salad” and “the world’s sauces”. In addition, by distributing information on salad throughout the nation and the world, we take a role to promote the market while attempting to enhance the value of KENKO Mayonnaise.

With our company philosophy of “contributing to the world by providing good food” and the business concept of “Body and Mind (mind / body / soul) and Environment”, we devote ourselves to develop low oil products, which is less burden on our health, to achieve Zero Emissions Research Initiative (Zero emission) at our factories, and offer opportunities of food education to local residents. Moreover, to provide happy life to our customers, each of our employees declare to put their best effort into business activities, and to look after natural resources and the environment with care.

‘The future of salad represents our future’ – this is the faith of our company and we continue to supply high quality products and services while listening to the voices of our customers.

President Takashi Sumii

Takashi Sumii

Takashi Sumii