Company Philosophy

I. Company Philosophy

Contributing to the world by providing good food

Our company philosophy indicates the degree of the position of our company group in society.

The philosophy has been amended to “contributing to the world by providing good food” (previously ‘good food products’). This is because, our activities have been widely expanded thanks to internet as they involve more community activities such as information distribution and food education to local residents rather than only implementing food manufacturing.

We continue to contribute to our society through providing various food, service and information on food.

II. The Group’s Business Philosophy

Body and Mind (mind / body / soul) and Environment

The group’s Business Philosophy shows the passion of our company group based on the company philosophy.

We care about the mental and physical aspects as well as the souls of our consumers and other people concerned with our business, who are loyal to our products. Also we devote ourselves to work on environmental issues affecting earth, where the source of our soul (food) grows.

III. The Group’s Management Policy

to become the best Salad Company and to provide the number one quality products / service in Japan.

The group’s Management Policy directs a goal of our company group according to the group’s business philosophy.

Our goal is to have usual salad become a main cast of our consumers’ meal. Moreover, with ‘salad’ as a key driver to promote the market, we conduct business activities that always relate to salad in attempt to establish a new cuisine genre with Salad. In addition, we are aware of our responsibility to provide food products that are safe, reliable and high quality. To achieve that, we at KENKO Mayonnaise Co., Ltd continue to put our best efforts to create higher quality services.