Relationship with locals and society

Our support for local events

Since October 2006, we have been offering our support for events held in an area of our headquarters*. After the relocation of the headquarters to Suginami-ku in November 2009, we continue to donate our products to the following local events.

* The headquarters was located in the Kami-kitazawa area in Setagaya-ku before our relocation on November 22, 2009.

・Takaido Station Shopping Mall Festival
・Suginami Charity Walk
・Bazaar at schools for handicapped children
・Bazaar at near child care center
・Event/fair for nursing care at local social welfare organizations

Contribution to international society (co-operation with the United Nations World Food Programme)

We at KENKO Mayonnaise Co. Ltd became a proud member of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in September 2005. As the only food supply organization in the UN, the WFP was established in 1961 aiming to eliminate hanger and poverty in the world, whose Japanese branch was opened in 1996. Our company has so far contributed to the following activities.

・Relief fund for Horn of Africa (October 2006)
・Charity activity for the School Lunch Program/campaign (for four years up to 2010)
・Emergency relief fund for Myanmar cyclone and the Great Sichuan Earthquake in China
・Funding for the relief for drought in the Sahel, Western Africa (June 2012)
 and more.

Support for education

As part of our education support activities, we support Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. for publishing their magazines including “someone”, a science magazine for high school students, and the “Education Support Project” magazine, which is distributed through lab activities to 5,300 high schools and 11,000 junior high schools throughout the nation.

We are an education support company, which support activities to develop future human resources by giving opportunities to children to stimulate their ‘curiosity’ through publishing science magazines and providing state of art science lab activities.

Other activities include publishing free magazine “Passing Exam Supplement”, which is issued by the Tokyo University students to support high school students in the earthquake stricken area of Tohoku.