Our approach to food education

Our approach to the food education activity started in October 2007 with Grade 5 students of a local elementary school in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, where our old headquarters was located.
Even after our relocation to Suginami-ku in 2009, we continue our activities on the food education including lectures about nutrition, eating habit and cooking.

・Two nearby elementary schools (for students in Grade 3 and 4)
・Schools for handicapped children (for children and staff)
・Apartments in local areas (for elderly club members)
・Social welfare organizations in local areas (for elderlies requiring long term care or those close to need care)

We will listen to the participants about their common problems and knowledge that they want to lean. Then we will just visit their premise for having discussion with them in order to decide the theme.

Students enjoy cooking mayonnaise and arranged sauseStudents enjoy making mayonnaise and arranged sauce