Privacy Policy

KENKO mayonnaise Co., Ltd. (hereafter “our company”) recognizes the importance of personal information and considers appropriate handling of personal information to be an important duty. Our company works to protect personal information by thoroughly adhering to the following policies. Any matter arising out of or relating to this Website shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Additionally, the Tokyo District Court of Japan has exclusive first instance jurisdiction with respect to any matter arising out of or relating to this Website.

1.Compliance with laws and ordinances

When handling personal information, our company will comply with laws and ordinances regarding the protection of such information. With regard to change of law, we will improve this privacy policy continually.

2.Collection of personal information

When acquiring customer's personal information, we will inform the purpose of such personal information to customers. We will only use the acquired personal information in a lawful manner for purposes necessary to the operation.

3.Providing personal information to third parties

Our company will not disclose or provide customer's personal information to third parties unless the customer agrees, or unless disclosure is justifiably requested based on laws and ordinances.

4.Managing and protecting personal information

Our company will manage customer's personal information in an appropriate manner and will work to prevent this information from leaving the company. We will also take appropriate and reasonable safety measures to protect customer's personal information from risks including unauthorized external access, loss, destruction and alteration.

5.Establishing company regulation

Our company provisions internal regulations on personal information and thoroughly makes them known within the company.

6.Disclosure and revision of personal information

If a customer personally asks that his/her personal information be disclosed, revised and/or deleted, our company will disclose, revise and/or delete this information to a reasonable extent.

7.Inquiries and Complaints

In the case of receiving any inquiries and complaints of personal information, our company will respond in an appropriate manner without delay.