HB mayonnaise

Onion and Tomato Salad
Shrimp mayo sandwich
  • Low Calorie Non Oil Dressing 15790●1kg
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For professional use

This is whole egg type mayonnaise. Japanese mayonnaise has creamy texture and rich taste.

Product Code : 15790
JAN Code : 4971880157909
Packing Style : 1kg×10
Carton Size
(Total Weight)
Shelf Life : 365 days after manufacture date in room temperature


Vegetable oil, Egg, Water, Vinegar, Sugar(Starch syrup,Sugar), Salt, Flavour enhancer(Amino acid), Thickener(Xanthan gum), Spice extract

(Contains:Wheat, Egg, Soybeans)

Nutrition Facts (per 100g)

Energy 715kcal
Protein 1.3g
Total fat 77.8g
Carbohydrates 2.2g
Sodium 672mg
Salt 1.7g